Siradix Diagnostic Support

Siradix Diagnostic Support (SDS) is a bulk radiology and pathology reporting service offered to selected partners that includes Diagnostic centres and Hospitals. The service acts as feeder to our ongoing R&D efforts, only available to selected few who can send complex cases to us. Similar to mobile prepaid recharge, partners now buy reporting hours on monthly basis. SDS is essentially aimed at challenging reporting but also provides for overflow reporting, backup reporting and day-to-day reporting. The rated radiologists from TH platform are selected to report bulk cases while Siradix radiologists monitor the quality of reporting. Thus we handle complexity of reporting in plug and play manner and offer flexi payment options- 100% cashless plan possible!!


Marketplace: TeleradiologyHub

TeleradiologyHub (TH) is a marketplace for online Radiologists and Radiology Service Seekers (RSS). RSS may include hospitals, dignostic centres, insurance companies, individual doctors, patients etc. Ever increasing number of online Radiologists are seeking online flexible jobs, TH pilots them through simulated quality check and verification sessions. Once registered, radiologists are free to quote their rates. RSS are allowed to float their requirements. Match making is fasciliated algorithmically and supported manually by calling. The images are uploaded by RSS, selected radiologist downloads them and reports the case. The platform enables payment gateways. RSS puts credit on its account before uploading jobs. Radiologist gets transfers on monthly basis. The system rates, trains and filters out 5% underperformers for quality purpose only.


Performance & Corporate Advisory

Siradix Pvt Ltd performs corporate advisory and performance management functions for individual or chain of units in health sector especially Diagnostic Centres, Pathology labs, Hospitals, etc. Our consulting helps in Revenue Growth. We implement social media and digital strategy, Sales Planning, Customer Aquisitions programs and others. To improve clients bottomline performance, we advice cost leadership. Accordingly, we conduct cost audits, work-space planning, time management, vision training, ZEN and quality circles. On corporate advisory side, we consult diversification of risk and portfolio, fund raising and corporate strategy and planning.


Affordable Retail services: Imaging, Hematopath and Second Opinion

Siradix partners with increasing number of diagnostic centres and pathology labs across India. The exchange is such that Siradix stocks up slots for CT/ MRI/ Path tests which are priced differently. After logging into TH account, patients can book service slots of their choice. Our system will take care of appointments and payments. The patients can also seek second opinions from the best doctors on TH platform. It is possible to get discounts, credit points and gift vouchers on our platform. Patients or reffering doctors can retrive reports anytime and anywhere. When it comes to retail segment, dynamic pricing is helpful to patients, doctors and centers.


Research & Development

Siradix Pvt Ltd is committed to bringing sofistication and affordability to reporting service anywhere and everywhere. We can do this with series of automation and using Artificial intelligence framework. For which we must generate quality data handling complex radiology and pathology cases. We are selective in inviting partners in our R&D efforts. Size does not matter, it could be an imaging unit with micro-capacities. But they must have passion for innovation. These partners can get our services on 100% cashless basis. We do many things for them. If they want they can invest in us. We offer both fixed returns on investment and in some cases even convertible equity options. It helps in diversifying their revenue streams and creating positive sentiments amongst our partners when market looks difficult.

Our team

Our core team is composed of Radiologists, Pathologists and Industrial Engineers who are also data enthusiasts, passionate for innovation and path finders. They have atlest 10 years of experience in their domain. They have been trained in reputed institutions and have access to networks in their field. All together, they form high performance team to set up an affordable but quality reporting ecosystem for distant patients.